Contract Data Storage


Engineering IT can provide specialized data storage to meet specific needs.  Many users’ data storage needs are met by our Basic Data Storage service.  Those who require terabytes of data storage, high speed I/O or other specialized storage requirements can contract with Engineering IT to provide or manage that storage.  **Note that this service does not include backups of the data stored.**

Available To

Faculty, research groups, and units in the College of Engineering whose needs are not met by the Basic Data Storage provided to all users.


Faculty or research groups who contract for data storage will receive:

  • A disk storage quota of the requested amount
    • Access to one or more group shares on the requested storage quota
  • Access controls can be applied to group shares with assistance from Engineering IT staff
  • Full technical support of access to these shares from Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
  • Access to the storage via CIFS protocol from machines connected to the campus network (including via VPN)


Engineering IT currently offers two tiers of data storage, standard and high performance.

Standard tier data storage is designed for data that is used by a modest number of individuals with normal access speed requirements. The rate for standard tier data storage is $99 per terabyte of quota per year (or $396 up front for four years).

High performance data storage is designed for use by a large number of users / computer concurrently or where speed of data access is important. The rate for high performance data storage is $156 per terabyte of quota per year (or $624 up front for four years)

Getting Started

For more information about the Contract Data Storage service or to sign up, please contact your primary IT support professional or email


To ensure your requests are routed correctly and answered promptly, please email If your request is time-critical, contact the Engineering IT Help Desk at 217-333-1313, or your primary IT support professional via the Unified Communications Lync client.