Remote Connections (Citrix)


Citrix is a remote client that lets you to use Windows apps from any device. The apps run on the EWS cloud server, and all the rendering is done on the server. Citrix offers the ability to open files that are in your EWS home directory, as well as files that are on the machine you are connecting from.

Available To

Any student or faculty member part of the UIUC network.


Access electronic resources: Citrix runs on the Library server and allows resources traditionally confined to CD-Rom (Encyclopedia Judaica, Index Islamicus) to be accessed over the Internet. When searching electronic resources and receiving a resource whose extension is "(via Citrix)", Citrix is required to access the resource.

Print from Citrix: Regardless of machine type (Windows, Macintosh, Linux), the Library Citrix server is set to print to the printer designated as "Default" on your machine. Clicking the print icon (in applications where applicable) will send the print to your printer automatically.

Save files in Citrix: Different applications save by default to different locations (i.e. Temp directory, Desktop, etc.). If your client is properly configured, you can save to any drive on your local machine.


There is no charge for this service.

Getting Started

To get started with Citrix, download and install the software (MAC or PC), and refer to this page to choose your operating system and connect with Citrix.


Click here for support with Windows, and here for support with Macs.

For a general FAQ regarding Citrix, refer to this link.