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The majority of instructional computer labs within the College are managed and maintained by Engineering IT User Services: Instructional. Lab management includes the management and provisioning of hardware, software and printing services. This currently includes more than 1,100 workstations in 88 locations.

Within this area, there are two basic types of labs: the traditional Engineering WorkStations (EWS) labs that are open for general use/class instruction; and departmental instructional labs, where use is limited to a particular class.

General use EWS labs are staffed with Engineering IT Student Consultants (ESCs) that help student and faculty lab users. 

Available To

Login access to instructional labs is restricted to students within the College of Engineering and non-engineering students taking Engineering courses, as well as Engineering faculty and staff.


  • Consistent user experience (storage, printing, software) across multiple lab locations 
  • Reliable instructional environment ready for teaching
  • Lab workstation replacement on a four year cycle
  • Staff will work with instructors to evaluate software and hardware needs
  • Many labs available 24/7 to students


For the most part, Engineering IT instructional labs are a service funded by the Engineering Surcharge fee paid by Engineering students. Special, non-standard hardware and software requests are funded by the requesting department.

Getting Started

Engineering faculty may reserve labs for instructional purposes by visiting the Engineering WorkStations page. Requestors are asked to view the availability of a space through the Reservation Calendar and then submit a Reservation Request.

Faculty that would like to have software installed in a lab should visit the Software section of the Engineering WorkStations page. Please note that Engineering IT typically does not fund specific software requests for a given class, although Engineering IT does often fund software used by multiple classes. For more information, please see our Software Purchase Consultation details. Software installations (including testing and deployment) typically take about two weeks.


For further assistance, please contact ews [at] illinois [dot] edu (Engineering Work Stations). If your request is time-critical, call the EWS Hotline at 217-265-8161, or your primary support IT professional via the Unified Communications Lync client.

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