Design Services


The Web team at Engineering IT Shared Services offers web and design services to Engineering at Illinois. We offer professional advice and services while working one-on-one with each client to determine the best possible site architecture and design that represents the respective party.

Available To

Research groups, faculty, and departments within Engineering at Illinois.


The Web team will work with research groups, faculty members, and departments to put together a site that represents each party's respective vision. The Web team will assist by:

  • determing the site architecture
  • offering design services
  • offering wireframing techniques
  • producing mockups,
  • designing the user interface. 

The Web team also offers consulting for individual sites not designed by Engineering IT.


Rates are $51 per hour.

Getting Started

engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu (Contact the Web team) with inquiries about designing a website. Please provide a source for contact, the name of the group/individual looking for assistance, and an account number we can bill to (CFOP). 


engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu (Contact the Web team) with any support issues that arise.

Get Help

Questions about this topic? Don't see what you're looking for?

Email engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu, call the Help Desk at 217-333-1313, or contact your primary IT support professional.