Web Hosting - Windows


An IIS-hosted (Internet Information Services) site on Windows for basic html/asp/php sites. These are typically basic html sites with no databases.  Often these sites are managed with Dreamweaver using Windows file shares.

Available To

These website hosting services are available to all Engineering instructors, and research groups.


  • Free-form Windows-based hosting (HTML, ASP, PHP, and Perl)
  • Unique website URL available
  • No integrated database hosting offered
  • No templates currently available


Hosting is free. Web design and development is billed at $47/hour.

Getting Started

In order to request a web hosting account, refer to our user guide instructions.

In order to login to your default and project web hosting accounts, refer to these user guide instructions.


Send any questions or problems to engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu.

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