Support Levels

User Support services are focused on supporting individuals.  The services provided in this area include:

Supporting your computers, devices

Included Services Basic Standard Research Notes
  $180 $602 $729 Amounts are per FTE in 2018
Setup of hardware and/or vendor-supported operating system. Enterprise-class devices are strongly preferred.
Installation assistance for properly licensed software listed in WebStore   WebStore
Configure network settings Enterprise authentication, security and firewall settings
Mobile device support Networking, Email, Calendars, VPN,, Skype for Business
Equipment decommissioning  
Desktop Replacement Program (DRP)   DRP is provided for Basic and Standard support levels, with a fee for the machine
Configuration, ordering, and receiving of computer hardware and software    
Ongoing maintenance   Including installing patches and application updates
Configuring and monitoring any implemented backup solutions   Uses CrashPlan
Installation support for software associated with specialty devices     Tools might include microscopes, 3-D printers, machine shop, cleanrooms, etc.
Installation and licensing of research-specific software     Tools might include MatLab, LabView, COMSOL, etc.
Connection of computers to specialty devices     Tools might include custom experimental equipment, 3-D printers, and cleanroom tools.
Consulting on research technology purchases     Recommend computers appropriate for the research needs.
Assistance in finding and using other research-related campus and national services     Campus cluster, Globus, etc.

Supporting You

Included Services Basic Standard Research Notes
  $180 $602 $729 Amounts are per FTE in 2018
Assisting users with connecting to University resources, including centrally-provided campus IT services * Assistance in connecting to University resources (e.g., wireless network, printers, fileshare). Support is more limited for non-University devices. Mobile device support is described in Mobile Device Support. * When assistance goes beyond basic support capabilities, the Help Desk will refer users to the appropriate service manager or support professional.
Troubleshoot network connectivity issues  
Setting up printers   Configuring printers for printing over the network
Troubleshooting printers   Providing support to departmental printers
Restocking printers   Restocking printers with departmentally-provided paper, toner, and other maintenance items
Troubleshooting and resolution of software and hardware issues on supported computers   Troubleshooting to the best of Engineering IT staff combined abilities. This generally includes getting hardware and applications to run as designed. In-depth knowledge of the features and function of individual applications is outside the scope of this service.

Software Licensing

Included Services Basic Standard Research Notes
  $180 $602 $729 Amounts are per FTE in 2018
Coordination with vendors for software license agreements, renewals, and hosting arrangements.      


Included Services Basic Standard Research Notes
  $180 $602 $729 Amounts are per FTE in 2018
Initial and ongoing configuration of operating system and applications, as well as monitoring and incident response/resolution Engineering IT will keep abreast of and follow industry best practices for security, State and University policies, and the requirements and recommendations of Technology Services.

A la Carte Services

  • Cluster management
  • Server management
  • Storage
  • Website design and development

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