Organizational Chart

A visual representation of the Engineering IT organizational chart (as of Nov 15th, 2018) is also available.


Associate Dean for Information Technology

Roy H. Campbell, Sohaib and Sara Abbasi Professor, Department of Computer Science

The Associate Dean for Information Technology is tasked with ensuring the strategic and operational excellence of a modern information technology environment in support of the College’s commitment to leadership in IT innovation as an integral part of our educational and research mission. The Associate Dean for Information Technology is also responsible for representing Engineering at Illinois and its IT needs at the campus level.


Jim Hurst, Director

The Director is responsible for providing leadership and overall direction to Engineering IT Shared Services. The Director oversees all aspects of Engineering IT operations including HR, budget, resource allocation, organizational structure, project and performance management. The Director works closely with the Associate Dean for Information Technology to align the services of Engineering IT with the needs of Engineering at Illinois.

IT Architect

Michael Chan, IT Architect

The IT Architect designs and maintains the overall systems and service delivery IT architecture for the College of Engineering. The IT Architect determines the best way to integrate IT resources at the college, campus, and cloud levels and facilitates service transitions and migrations. By employing a holistic approach that incorporates knowledge of trends in information technology with strategic plans, the IT Architect develops and adapts the long term service roadmaps of Engineering IT Shared Services and ensures that IT services continually meet the academic and research needs of the College of Engineering.

Outreach and Engagement

Kim Nguyen-Jahiel, Assistant Director of Outreach and Engagement

The Outreach and Engagement division serves as a critical connection point for Engineering IT's interaction with faculty, staff and students of the College, working to identify opportunities for collaboration and to ensure that IT stays abreast of and responsive to the most current needs of the College. The O&E division is responsible for interacting with Engineering IT Governance, leads our innovative Technology Facilitation program, and manages our customer relationship management efforts.

Web, Application and Information Services

  • Web Services:  Laura Hayden, Manager
  • Application Services:  Brad Butler, Associate Director
  • Information Services:  Brad Butler, Associate Director

The major responsibilities of the Web, Application and Information Services division include website architecture, design, implementation, search engine optimization and maintenance; electronic communications, including e-newsletters and social media; digital signage; photo capture; develop and maintain applications (with a focus on improving academic and business processes); and data reporting (advancement, financial, academic).

Infrastructure Services

Dave Ruby, Associate Director

The major responsibilities of the Infrastructure Services division include server management; storage and backup services; web hosting; data center facilities management; networking management; directory services; database hosting; printing, copying, and scanning infrastructure; and mailing list services.

User Services

  • Help Desk Support: John Lee, Manager
  • Administrative Support: Andres Irigoyen-Au, Manager
  • Instructional and Multimedia Support: Brad Mahaffey, Assistant Director
  • Research Support: Laura Herriott, Assistant Director

The major responsibilities of the User Services division include desktop support; basic application support; software distribution and installation assistance; documentation; scrap/surplus handling of computer equipment; equipment specification and acquisition; software specification and acquisition; consulting; instructional computer labs; lecture and presentation capture; video conferencing; classroom and conference room support; multimedia production; live event streaming.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Role

Each unit has a Customer Relationship Manager, or CRM, assigned to it. The CRM’s primary purpose is to proactively facilitate a partnership between the CRM’s assigned unit and Engineering IT. They provide personal attention to and focus on a specific unit’s IT needs, and act as advocates for the unit within Engineering IT. The CRM meets regularly with the unit’s leadership and its user base to provide updates on service changes that may impact the unit, check on general satisfaction with services, discuss significant IT needs and issues in depth, and ensures that there is an open channel between the unit and Engineering IT.

  • Aerospace: Andres Irigoyen-Au
  • ARI: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
  • Bioengineering: Brad Butler
  • Civil: Andres Irigoyen-Au
  • Computer Science:  Brad Butler
  • CSE: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
  • CSL and ITI:  Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
  • ECE:  Laura Hayden
  • Engineering Admin:
    • Dean's Office: Jim Hurst
    • Advancement: Brad Butler
    • BSC: Jackie Mitchell
    • Career Services: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
    • Graduate & Professional Education: TBA
    • HRSS: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
    • Marketing & Communication: Laura Hayden
    • Research: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
    • Undergraduate Program: Brad Butler
  • ISE: Dave Ruby
  • MatSE: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
  • MechSE: Andres Irigoyen-Au/ John Lee
  • MNTL: Brad Mahaffey
  • MRL: Kim Nguyen-Jahiel
  • NPRE: John Lee
  • Physics:  Kim Nguyen-Jahiel