Restoring lost / deleted / corrupted files

The file server makes daily backups of everyone's home directories, including all your files and folders. If you accidently deleted or corrupted a file, you can restore older versions of the file. This can be done on both Windows and Linux.


  • Right click the folder that contains (or contained) the file you want to restore. Click on Restore previous versions

  • You will be presented a list with all the backups present for the folder. Open and browse it like any other folder. Copy it over to a new location (restoring it), which will overwrite the current folder and all its contents with the older version.


  • Open a terminal window and type the command ews-restore and hit enter. This must be done on an EWS linux lab machine, or over SSH with X-forwarding.

  • Click Open Restore Directory.

  • You will be presented with ten days worth of backups of your entire home directory. Browse them as you would any other file.
  • The backups in this directory are read-only. You will need to copy the files you want to restore somewhere you can work with them - your desktop for example.

  • Backups occur overnight, and capture the last 10 days you accessed your EWS account.

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