Siebel Center Lync Conference Phone Instructions

Instructions for the Polycom CX3000 IP Conference Phone

  • Plug the power cord in the console's electric outlet. Do not plug in the Ethernet cord until the error message "Network cable not connected" appears. The IP Conference Phone remembers the last phone set up and number used.
PolyCom image
Lync Phone
Desk Phone Setup
  • Once the error message displays, plug the Ethernet cable into the orange jack on the console. Use a wall jack if necessary.
  • The phone display will ask for the phone number, which is located on the console in each conference room. Enter the entire phone number (XXX-XXX-XXXX) and press Next.
Desk Phone Setup
Desk Phone Setup
Desk Phone Setup
  • The phone display will ask for the PIN number, which is also located on the console. Each PIN number is the conference room with two zeros at the end of a six digit number. (Example: 410200 for 4102 Siebel Center.)
desk phone setup
signing in
  • The phone is now ready for use. Calls can be made in or out.

Now connected

Instructions for Conference calls

  • Press Answer to receive the first call.

press answer

  • When your next call comes in, tell the current caller there will be a moment of silence as you answer the next call.

Next call coming in

  • Press Answer again to receive the next call, the other callers will automatically be put on hold.

Callers put on hold

  • Press the Menu button, arrow down to Merge Calls, press Select (left soft button on the left side of the screen).
In call how to Merge Calls
Merge Calls
Merging calls
  • The other callers will automatically join the conference call.

In Conference Call

  • Repeat the steps to add additional callers.

*If you do not reset the IP Conference Phone appropriately, your callers will not be calling the correct phone number to attend the conference phone meeting.
*Unplugging the phone's power cable will reset it.

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