Uploading a photo to Lync

Step 1: Add photo to directory

  • Save a photo file of yourself (must be 30KB or less).
  • Go to www.illinois.edu.
  • Click Directory (next to search bar), type in your NetID, and click Go.
  • Click the pencil icon (Edit).
  • Log in using NetID and password.
  • Under Select your data source, choose Custom.
  • Click the Image tab above.
  • Under Upload an Image, click Browse and choose the saved photo.
    (If the photo is on a website that is publicly accessible, you can use the URL box instead.)
  • Click Upload.

Step 2: Use photo in Lync

  • Once your photo is saved in the directory, go to Lync and click the Options icon, and My Picture.
  • Under Show a picture from a web address, type http://illinois.edu/ds/person/netID.jpg (or .png or .gif).  (Replace “netID” with your own netID.).  Click Connect to Picture, then OK.

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