Common EWS Storage Quota issues

General Information on EWS Storage Quotas

EWS users are given 10 gigabytes of storage that is shared between their Windows and Linux logins. If you fill up your disk space (quota), nothing more can be written to your drive and the system will respond oddly. Below is a list of different symptoms you may encounter.

  • On a linux machine, your computer may acknow problems locking the .ICEauthority file.
  • After logging in, programs might note an inability to write files to your drive.
  • The computer won't let you log in.

Checking your quota

Open Terminal.

Type quota your_netid. Press Enter.

The following is an example of what an over quota account looks like. The first number is the space used. The * next to it indicates you are indeed over your quota. This can be verified by comparing if the number under the blocks column is bigger than the number under the quota column.

The following is now an example of a user that is under the quota limit. Notice the absence of the *.

Resolving an over quota issue

If the EWS machine logs in, you can potentially resolve the issue yourself. The easiest quick fix is emptying your Recycle and Trash bins.

To find large files in your drive, run the following command:

find ~ -size +100M -ls

You'll have a list of files over 100MB. You can remove them with the rm function. Delete unnecessary files from old classes.  Change 100MB to a lower size if you are not getting enough results.

The following command will list folder sizes and sort them from large to small:

du -sk * | sort -r

You can run the above command within each large folder you open to 'follow the trail' until you find the large files, at which point you run the following to list file sizes

ls -alh

If this does not work and you are still over quota, please ask the lab consultant for help.

Additional Help

If you need further help, contact the Engineering IT Lab Consultant on duty, or email EWS directly at ews [at] illinois [dot] edu.

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