Connecting to Citrix from an Andriod Phone or Tablet

Download and install the Citrix Reciever app from the Android Market.

To use the Citrix Applications, connect to the campus wifi or set up a VPN.

Once the app is installed and you're connected to the campus network, Launch the app.

Select Set up my enterprise apps.

  • Address:
  • Click Next.

Select the EWS Citrix account you just created.

Click OK when notified about password saving.

You should be presented with a list of programs that are available through the EWS Citrix client. Select one to launch.

Once the program is loaded, you can scroll around the screen. To type, press the Menu button on your phone, then select Keyboard to bring up the keyboard.

To read or write files to your phone's SD card from the Citrix apps, from the Citrix home screen, go to the Settings tab. Select Session Options, and change SD card access to Full Access.


Please send all questions or comments about these policies to ews [at] illinois [dot] edu.

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