Getting locked out of EWS workstations

There are a few reasons why you may be locked out of your computer, depending on the original problem:

Password expiration and/or locked account

Your AD password requires changing every few months. If it needs changed, you will not be able to log into any EWS machine. Visit to change or update your password. 

Your account may also be locked if you have not reset your password in the given time frame. Please visit to unlock your account.

Quota issues

EWS users are given 3 gigabytes of storage that's used for Windows and Linux logins. If you fill up your disk space, or "quota", you can't write anything more to your drive, and the system will respond oddly. Below is a list of different symptoms that you may be running into.

  • On a linux machine, your computer may be complaining about problems locking the .ICEauthority file.
  • After logging in, programs might complain about not being able to write their files to your drive.
  • The computer won't let you log in.

Checking your quota

Open Terminal.

Type quota your_netid. Press Enter.

The following is an example of what an over quota account looks like. The first number is the space used. The * next to it indicates you are indeed over your quota. This can be verified by comparing that the number under the blocks column is bigger than the number under the quota column.

The following is now an example of a user that is under the quota limit. Notice the absence of the *.

Resolving an over quota issue

If the EWS machine lets you log on, you can potentially resolve the issue yourself. The easiest quick fix is emptying your Recycle and Trash bins.

To find large files in your drive, run the following command:

find ~ -size +100M -ls

This will give you a list of files that is over 100MB. You can remove them with the rm function. Try deleting old files from classes you are no longer in, or things you do not need.

If you are having trouble getting this to work, and you are still over quota, please ask the lab consultant on duty for help.

Additional Help

If you still need help, please contact the Engineering IT Lab Consultant on duty, visit the Helpdesk in Grainger or Siebel, or email EWS directly at ews [at] illinois [dot] edu.

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