X-Forwarding for Mac

In order to run programs with X-forwarding on Macintosh OS X all you need is SSH (already provided) and X11 for Mac OS X, which is available from Apple for free. Follow the link and then download and install X11 for Mac OS X.

Configuring X11:

There are no configurations necessary beyond installing X11 from the links above.

Running X11:

  • Run /Applications/Utilities/X11.app to start X11. This should bring up an xterm.
    Note:You might also want to create a shortcut on the dock to this.
  • At the prompt in the xterm, connect to an EWS workstation by typing: ssh -X your_netid [at] linux [dot] ews [dot] illinois [dot] edu.

  • If -X gives you problems, try ssh -Y your_netid [at] linux [dot] ews [dot] illinois [dot] edu.

  • The -X enables X-forwarding. Sometimes, you might need to use -Y instead. This enables trusted X-forwarding.

  • Run the application (ie. Mathematica) you wish to use from the command prompt.

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