X-Forwarding for Windows

Running programs with X-forwarding requires SSH and a Windows X server program. The EWS Windows labs currently use Hummingbird's Exceed as their X server program. For home use, the freely distributed cygwin package is recommended. It contains an X server and openSSH. Because it is free, the setup may be less intuitive than commercial packages. See the online documentation for cygwin for more information. Xming is another free X forwarding program available for free home use. The following should explain how to configure necessary software to do X-forwarding:

Configuring and using Cygwin

Cofiguring and using Exceed

Setting up SSH:

  • Start Putty.
  • Under Edit select the Settings option
  • Under Profile Settings select the Tunneling option.
  • The option TunnelX11 connections needs to be enabled.

Configuring Exceed for Windows:

  • X server programs typically do not need setting up beyond setting the window size. Run the X configuration for the X server program. In Exceed, choose the Xconfig option in the start menu in order to check the setup.
  • The easiest setup is to have a single window set at full screen.

Running X windows software:

  • Once configured, run SSH and the Windows X server software.
  • On SSH, connect to a client machine (ie. linux.ews.illinois.edu) and login.
  • Run the chosen application (ie. Mathematica) from the command prompt.

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