Accessing the Linux Terminals remotely with SSH

The College of Engineering and the Engineering Workstations Labs (EWS) are committed to providing a secure computing environment. To achieve this goal, EWS has disabled any protocols that transmit clear text passwords. EWS users should use SSH and/or SFTP clients to connect to To download and use secure clients, see "configuring and using Cygwin" on this page.


EWS recommends using Cygwin (, a very robust Linux-like environment for Windows, for SSH connectivity from Windows. Cygwin is freely available from

Mac OS and Unix

SSH comes with versions 10.1 and above. See your system manuals for configuration directions.

The OpenSSH packages for various flavors of Unix are available from the OpenSSH project Web site: Each platform-specific package includes both SSH and SFTP.

SSH from Off-Campus

On May 30th, 2017, the campus Office for Privacy and Information Security (OPIS) implemented a campus firewal change to block off-campus SSH connections to on-campus resources. A VPN connection is now required. Machines that require an exception to this for teach or research purposes can request one here


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