Personal laptop EWS printer driver instructions


These instructions are depreciated. Please use the instructions for Web printing instead. 


To use an EWS printer from a laptop or other non-EWS computer, first connect to a campus IP address by connecting to the campus wireless network and/or VPN. Follow the instructions here on how to connect to the CITES VPN.

Windows 7, Vista

Go to the start menu, type in "run" and press Enter.

Type \\engr-print-02\ and click OK.

Double click on the printer that you wish to install.

Printer names by location:     

  • DCL: dcl-l426-bwd1, dcl-l426-bwd2, dcl-l426-color1
  • EH: eh-406b1-bwd1,eh-406b1-bwd2, eh406b1-bwd3, eh-406b1-color1, eh-406b8-bwd1, eh-406b8-bwd2, eh-406b8-color1
  • EVRT: evrt-167-bwd1, evrt-167-bwd2, evrt-252-bwd1, evrt-252-bwd2
  • GELIB: gelib-4th-bwd1, gelib-057-bwd1, gelib-057-color1
  • MEL: mel-1001-bwd1, mel-1009-bwd1, mel-1009-color1
  • SIEBL: siebl-0200-bwd1, siebl-0200-bwd2

Login with your credentials: yournetid [at] ad [dot] uillinois [dot] edu and your AD password.

Double click on the EWS printer you wish to install. If unsure about the name, check the label on the physical printer.

Install the driver. The printer will appear on your list of printers.

Please see a lab consultant if you have any questions about this process.

Mac OSX Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard


First, download the HP Printer Drivers from Apple.

Go to System Preferences and click on Print & Scan.

Press the + button on the bottom left.

Go the the IP tab on the top.

Enter in the information for each line as seen in the picture below.

  • Protocol: Select Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  • Address:
  • Queue: Printername (See list of printer names above)
  • Name: Printer name
  • Location: Location of the printer
  • Print Using: Leave as whatever it autoselects
  • Click Add

If you know certain options are available on a printer, select them here. In general, don't change anything and press OK.

Please see a lab consultant if you have any questions about this process.

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