Siebel Center Calendars

The department uses the campus Webtools calendar for event calendars. Separate calendars are maintained for different types of events such as seminars and academic deadlines. These separate calendars are included on a main department calendar which is displayed on the on the department website, the information panels and the Siebel Center video wall. RSS feeds are available for the main calendar as well as the individual calendars.

Microsoft Exchange calendars are used for scheduling of Siebel Center conference rooms. A list of all conference rooms including links to the calendars for each one is on the Siebel Center Conference Rooms information page.

Requesting an event be added to a current calendar

If an event needs to be advertised on the main CS calendar and the type of event fits one of the sub-calendars listed above, send details about the event to the appropriate calendar maintainer. Include the following information:

  • Event title
  • Event time, location, day
  • Speaker name (if any)
  • Short abstract of talk or description of event
  • Any fee required to attend
  • Registration information
  • Event contact person
  • URL to more information if available

Creating a New Calendar to be Included on the Main CS Department Calendar

If you have regularly occurring events such as seminars that you would like to have included on the main CS calendar, create an "Event" calendar in the toolbox and then send email to userhelp [at] cs [dot] illinois [dot] edu requesting your calendar be included in the main CS calendar.

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