Cygwin Installation and Usage


Open the web browser on your home computer and go to:

Click on the Install or update now link and download and/or run the Setup program.

Choose Install from the Internet.

Go with all defaults, choose a download site and press next through the installation windows until you come to the following window.

Click on the X11 "circular arrows" once and it will change the state to "Install".

Click on the + next to Net to expand out the different Net components.

(before clicking +)

(after clicking +)

Under Net, there should be a component called openssh: The OpenSSH Server and Client programs. Click on the "circular arrows" to change the selection box so that it is checked with an 'X'.

(after clicking once on the circular arrow next to open ssh)

Click Next below to go to the next frame.

Cygwin should now enter into the installation phase. It may take up to a half-hour or more, depending on the connection speed.

When the installation process finishes, click Finish.

Click Installation Complete.



Start Cygwin by clicking the Cygwin icon on the desktop if your created it.

A text window should open with a Linux-like Bash prompt.

At the prompt, type: startx

Another "Xterm-like" window should appear.

In the "Xterm-like" window, type: ssh netid [at] linux [dot] ews [dot] illinois [dot] edu -X


To Close:

Exit all remotely displayed X programs.

Enter exit at each command prompt until Cygwin is completely closed.

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