Asking Students Questions

The Q&A tab for the course allows you to post questions or comments about the course in general or about a particular class. You can design the questions to elicit responses from students or to provoke discussions between class members on a topic.

Q&A posts that identify a particular class can be seen while viewing the classroom by clicking the Questions icon (two balloons) of the classroom toolbar.

To create in-class activities and questions for students to answer, see Adding Interactive Slides to a Presentation.

To post questions for a course

  1. On the DASHBOARD, find the course containing the class you want and click ALL CLASSES.
    The class list page appears.
  2. Click the Q&A tab.
  3. Click NEW QUESTION.

    The left panel changes to show the new question fields.

  4. Enter a question or discussion text into the New question text box.
  5. Click the paperclip icon to attach a file to your question (a graphic or other item) if appropriate.
  6. Use the Select a class drop down list to associate the question with a particular class. If one is selected, the question is visible in the classroom by clicking the Questions icon of the classroom toolbar. If you do not select a class, the question is categorized as a General Question about the course.
  7. Enable the Post anonymously slider to post your question without using your name (course instructors can always see who posted a question or response).
    The question appears in the question thread.

Editing posted questions

You can edit any questions you have posted to a class. You can only edit your own posts.

To edit a question

  1. Open the Q&A tab for the class
  2. Find and select the question you want to edit so that it appears on the right of the page, as shown in the above figure.
  3. Click the menu arrow (also called a "chevron") located to the right of the question.
  4. Click Edit from the chevron menu.
    The left panel changes to show Edit Question fields and selections.
  5. Make changes to the question text as needed.
  6. If appropriate, use the Select a class drop-down list to select or change the class to post the question to.
  7. Enable or disable the Post anonymously slider as appropriate (course instructors can always see who posted a question or response).
  8. Click SAVE when finished. Alternately, if you change your mind about editing the question, click the X in the top right of the Edit Question pane to cancel any changes and close the editing fields.

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