Downloading Student Analytic Data

You can view and sort student analytics for individual classes. If necessary, you may want to refer to What do the analytics mean? to get a definition of the categories and an understanding of what analytic information is captured and tracked.

To download analytic data

  1. Navigate to the Class List page for the course (click ALL CLASSES from the DASHBOARD or select the course from the COURSES drop-down list on the main menu).
  2. Click the ANALYTICS tab, then click Export.
    Analytics Export page with Download button for steps as described
  3. Click DOWNLOAD.
    The Download student analytics window appears.
    Download student analytics
  4. From the list, select the analytic category you want to download. See What do the analytics mean? for definitions of each category.
    Options are:  

    • Engagement
    • Attendance
    • Video Views
    • Presentation Views
    • Questions
    • Activity Participation (Raw #)
    • Activity Score (Raw #)
    • Notes word count
    • Activity Participation (%)
    • Activity Score (%)
  5. Click DOWNLOAD.
    You are prompted to open the student in a program such as Microsoft Excel.

All of the data for the analytic you selected appear in the file, listed by student (alphabetically by last name) for each class date.

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