Linking the Blackboard/Compass 2g Course to the Echo360 Section

The instructions below assume the course and section have already been created in Echo360 and the instructor has been assigned to it.

Linking the Blackboard course to an Echo360 section

  1. Recommended: Log in to Blackboard as an instructor. If logging in as an Admin, see note below.
  2. Open the Course page for one of your assigned courses.
  3. Right-click the Echo360 tool link (already added to the course) and select to open Echo360 in a new tab/window. If there isn't one, see Add Link to Echo360 in Blackboard Course Content.

    Allow Popups from the Blackboard site: When opening the Echo360 link in a new window/tab, the first time you access it, you may need to select to allow pop-ups from the Blackboard site in your browser. This should only be necessary the first time.

  4. Use the Section drop-down list to select the section you want to link to. Only the existing Echo360 sections to which this instructor is assigned will appear in the list.
    select a section page for linking to LMS as described
  5. Click CONTINUE TO ECHO360.

Once the Blackboard section is linked to the corresponding section in Echo360, users clicking the Echo360 content tool link in Blackboard will see the section content from Echo360.  

We strongly recommend users right-click the link to open the Echo360 section in a new tab or window. Safari users may have to do this to load the section, and other users may want to, simply to provide more space for viewing Echo class content.

Linked ALP section from Blackboard open in new tab

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