Publishing Content to a Course or Individual

Content in your library arrives there either published or unpublished. Published content has already been made available to a class within a course, or with an individual. Unpublished content is only visible to you, on your Library page.

When you publish to a class, you can make it available to the class immediately, or set availability at a schedule you choose.

Publishing to an individual requires the user be registered in Echo360. The content you publish to them will appear in their content Library as well as yours.

You can also share a link to a video in your library with an individual outside of Echo360. This method sends a link for viewing the content to the desired person, such as a colleague or research partner at another institution.

To publish/share content from your library

NOTE: Class Date and Time are optional, but if there is no date, the class MUST have a name.

  1. From the menu bar, click LIBRARY.
    The available content appears in either list or grid view. Select the view you prefer using the icons in the upper-right corner.
  2. Find the presentation you want to publish. Use the Search box and/or drop-down Filter lists across the top of the page to narrow the content shown.
  3. Hover your mouse over the content tile or row to expose the menu arrow (also called a "chevron").
  4. Click the chevron to open the menu and then select Share.
    The Publish to a new location dialog box appears.
  5. From the Where options, select To a course.
  6. If publishing to a course, use the drop-down lists to select a Course then select a Section for the content.
  7. Select whether you are publishing to an Existing class or creating a New class to hold the content.
  8. Select the existing class from the drop-down list, or enter the details for the new class you are creating, including Class name, Start date, Start time, and duration.
  9. From the options in the Availability section of the dialog box, select whether or when you want to make this content available for students to view.
  10. When finished, click PUBLISH.

The content will now appear for the selected (or created) class on the Class List page for the course. If you created a new class to hold the content and the class has no date, the new class appears by default at the bottom of the class list.

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