Viewing Content in the Classroom (for Instructors)

Being "in the classroom" means viewing the content or media as it was (or will be) presented to students. You can watch the class as it was recorded, as well as view any other presentation materials you may have provided for the class.

The In-Classroom Tools let you see what questions have been posted about the class and respond to them as you see fit. You can also see if students marked any parts of the class as confusing. These items are also viewable on the Q&A Tab and the Analytics Tab respectively, but seeing the content exactly as it was presented to students can help you determine and isolate any parts of the material you may need to clarify further.

The content for any class (including the class capture) can be made available or unavailable to students, or made available on a schedule (start date/end date) as appropriate.

To view content in the classroom

  1. On the DASHBOARD, find the course containing the class you want and click ALL CLASSES.
    The class list page appears.
    Instructor class list with mouse hovered over class
  2. Click on the class row. The classroom opens.
  3. Use the playback bar at the bottom of the classroom viewer to control the video or navigate through presentation pages.
    The figure below shows a classroom capture with Video and Display in the capture, as well as a separate presentation loaded to the class. The Display portion of the capture is currently playing in the viewer.
    Classroom viewer with video and display capture and a presentation in the class
  4. Click a thumbnail in the bottom right corner to maximize that media in the window, and turn the currently displayed item to thumbnail form. If a capture or video is playing, it will continue to play in the thumbnail.
  5. Click the Questions icon to open the Q&A panel.
    Any questions or comments posted for this class, along with their responses, appear in the Questions panel that appears on the right side of the classroom. You can post or respond to questions in this panel.
    Classroom viewer with questions icon and questions panel identified
  6. If any students flagged this classroom material as confusing, the Confused flag (located under the Questions icon) is highlighted and has a notification dot with the number of students who flagged the content. Use the Analytics tab to see exactly what portion of the content the student was viewing when they clicked the flag.
  7. When you are finished, click the List icon at the top of the classroom toolbar to jump directly to viewing another class, or to exit the classroom and return to the Class List page.

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