Viewing Instructor Library Content Details

If you select to view an item from the My content page of your library, you are the content owner, and the viewer also allows you to edit the details of the content and see where it has been published and/or to whom it has been shared.

In the My content section of your LIBRARY page, click a content item. The details view appears.

ALTERNATELY you can select Details from the content icon in a section's class list to open the content details view, shown below.


The actions you have for the content itself differ depending on whether you are viewing a presentation or video. Both types of content provide icons at the top of the content view, shown in the below figure.


Both provide icons at the top of the page (shown below) that allow you to:

  • Click the Pencil icon to edit the details (title, description, tags) of the item.
  • Click the Film (for videos) or Slides (for presentations) icon to edit the item itself.
  • Click the Trash Can icon to delete the content. If you do not have permissions to delete this content you will not see a trash can. You can delete any content you uploaded to your library; instructors cannot delete appliance-generated captures.
  • Click the X to close the content details page and return to your previous location.

Publishing information appears below the content preview pane of the window, with the Publishing tab visible by default. Click a course to view the sections to which the content has been published.


To add a publishing location, click Publish. This opens the Publish to a new location dialog box.

To "un-publish" or remove the content from a listed location/individual, click the X located to the right of the section.

To change the availability of a published item, click the section to which the item has been published (identified with an arrow in the above figure). This opens the Edit availability options dialog box for the publish location.

To share the item with another user, click the Sharing tab, then click the Share button. Enter the email address of the user to whom you want to share the content.  

To "un-share" or remove content access from another user, click the Sharing tab, then click the X located to the right of the user(s) whom you no longer want to have access to the item.

To generate a public or embeddable link, click the Sharing tab, then click ADD PUBLIC LINK. Configure the necessary options, then click in the link box to copy the link to your clipboard to paste into an appropriate location.

To download the content, scroll below the content preview pane and look for the Processed file list on the bottom of the right column. Click a file link to download that file to your local drive.


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