Responding to Questions About Classroom Content

NOTE: Some courses disable the Q&A functionality; if you do not see the Questions button within a classroom or Q&A tab described below, check with your instructor to see if this is the case with your course.

If you want to view or respond to a question while viewing a classroom presentation, select the Discussions icon from the left toolbar. Each question can have multiple responses, functioning as discussion points for class material.

All questions and responses entered through the classroom questions panel also appear (for all users) in the Q&A tab for the course.

TIP: Bookmarking a question makes it show up in your Study Guide for the class for (questions you post are automatically bookmarked). If another student posts a question or comment you find interesting, click the flag below the question to bookmark it (the flag changes from gray to blue).

The Questions icon opens a panel to the right of the presentation, showing all previously posted questions for the class, and allowing you to respond.

To respond to an existing question while viewing a presentation

  1. While in the classroom, click the Questions icon from the classroom toolbar across the top.
    The question panel opens to the right of the main presentation panel, listing all previously posted questions about this class/presentation.
  2. Click the question you want to answer.
    The panel changes to show only that question and a RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION button.
    A response text box appears where you can enter your response. If applicable, click the paperclip icon to provide an attachment to accompany your response.
  4. Enable the Post anonymously slider to provide the response without identifying you as the responder. The instructor will be able to see who responded but other students will not.
  5. When finished, click POST.

Your response to the question will appear both in the question panel for the presentation as well as in the Q&A tab for the course.

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