Reviewing your Study Guide

Each course contains a Study Guide tab where your notes are kept. This allows you to quickly page through all of your classroom notes for each class. Only you can see your notes.

Study Guide entries are viewed for each class to which they apply. You can also add General notes for the course that may not apply to a specific class.

You can also download your notes to a text file, for review outside of the Echo360 interface.

How Handy is That! Any questions you post for a class will appear in your Study Guide. BUT if you bookmark other students' questions, they will also appear in your Study Guide (along with any responses). This lets you see your notes along with the bookmarked questions at the same time in the same tab.  
Click the flag below the question to bookmark it (it turns blue).

To view your Study Guide

  1. Navigate to the course.
  2. Click the Study Guide tab.
  3. Use the drop-down list on the left to select a class for which to view notes, bookmarks and other material.
  4. Use the Left and Right arrows (< and >) to scroll through classes to see which have notes you need to review.
  5. Click on a note or bookmark in the left panel to display the location of the video/presentation in the right panel to which the note or bookmark applies.


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