Can I have access to a wiki space or have a new one created?

Wiki Overview is the campus wiki service that runs the Atlassian Confluence Wiki software.  Wiki spaces can be open to public view, or restricted to particular individuals or groups.  Access can be given to off site collaborators as well.  People across campus use the wiki in a variety of ways including communicating with students in a class, organizing documents for research projects, creating internal documentation for groups and for project management.

Requesting a wiki space

Request a wiki space by filling out the space request form.  You can also request a space by sending email to engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu.  

Getting Help

There is a help space available that has basic information about navigating in the wiki, creating and editing pages as well as information for space administrators.  Please send specific questions to engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu/

Get Help

Questions about this topic? Don't see what you're looking for?

Email engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu, call the Help Desk at 217-333-1313, or contact your primary IT support professional.