EWS Policies

Account Policy

All students enrolled in an eligible degree program and registered for classes in the current semester are issued EWS accounts. Eligible degree programs are as follows:

  • All College of Engineering degree programs (AERO, BIOE, CIVIL, CS, ECE, ISE, MATSE, MECHSE, NPRE, PHYSICS)
  • Chemical Engineering (CHBE in College of LAS)
  • Agricultural Engineering (ABE in College of ACES)
  • "Statistics and Computer Science" Joint Degree students
  • "Mathematics and Computer Science" Joint Degree students
  • LAS Physics
  • Masters in Financial Engineering (MSFE)

If a student is not eligible for an EWS account but is registered for an engineering course, he or she will automatically be issued a temporary account. Temporary accounts expire at the end of each semester and can only be renewed if the student is enrolled in an eligible course for the following semester. Temporary accounts do not include a free print quota.

If for some reason you are currently enrolled in an eligible degree program and do not have an EWS account, please email ews [at] illinois [dot] edu

Lab Policy

  1. No food is permitted. Drinks are permitted in all locations except Siebel Center.
  2. No disruptive behavior. Headphones shouldn't be heard by others. Cell phone usage should be kept to a minimum.
  3. No sleeping is permitted.
  4. Your EWS account is not to be shared.
  5. All students are required to vacate the EWS labs at the designated lab closing times.
  6. Educational use of workstations takes priority.
  7. Machines left unattended for more than 10 minutes will be logged out.
  8. Do not reboot or unplug lab equipment.
  9. EWS is not responsible for lost, stolen, or unattended items.
  10. All computing activities must comply with University Policies.

Violation of any EWS policy can result in account suspension and/or loss of access to EWS resources.


An EWS account provides a free print quota of $24, or 300 pages per semester for any student who is enrolled in an eligible degree program. This free print quota is provided to meet basic user printing needs, and is reset to 300 pages the day before the beginning of each semester.  Individuals who are only registered for an engineering class or enrolled in an engineering minor do not receive a print quota. Temporary EWS accounts are not issued a free print quota. All users are able to purchase pages in $8 blocks of 100 pages through the EWS print billing plan. (see: my.engr Print Quota) The following lists free print quotas per semester:

  • Fall - 300 pages ($24)
  • Spring - 300 pages ($24)
  • Summer Session I & II combined - 300 pages ($24)

*Juniors receive 400 pages, Seniors receive 500 pages

EWS strives to provide reliable and error-free printing services. However, we recognize that some printing problems are unavoidable. Because the vast majority of print problem reports we receive are due to user error, our general policy is not to grant refunds. The following printing mishaps are examples of instances where refunds would not be granted:

  • Multiple copies were printed
  • Garbled output from using command line lpr or mpage on a .pdf file
  • Encoding related errors

However, some EWS printing problems are the result of circumstances outside the user's control. When this can be shown to be the case, we do grant refunds. These types of problems may include:

  • Toner outages
  • Power outages
  • Print system malfunctions (with evidence)

If you wish to seek a refund, please retain any pages that printed improperly and email ews [at] illinois [dot] edu. Your email should include detailed information about when the problem occurred, what application was being used, what file was being printed, and which printer you were trying to print to.

For more details about printing and "best practices," please see our printing guide.

Research Computing Policy

The EWS Labs are not intended for research computing. EWS computers are intended only to support instruction. Installing or running any software not authorized by EWS or directly related to College of Engineering coursework is considered Research Computing. Please contact your department or advisor to find out what computing facilities are available to you.

Lab Consultants

Lab consultants are available to help users "as best they possibly can." If you have a problem, from logging out to completing a complex file transfer, ask the lab consultant for assistance. Lab Consultants can only assist you when they know that a problem exists, so if you are having trouble, ask for help.

Consultants can provide help with general Linux questions and system-specific questions. Though they might not be familiar with all application programs, consultants will try to provide as much assistance as possible. If consultants are unable to help you with a problem, they can direct you to other resources such as teaching assistants, the CITES Help Desk, and manuals.

Maintenance Window

EWS staff may reboot workstations and servers daily between the hours of 5AM and 7AM to perform preventative maintenance, software upgrades, and operating system patches. Whenever possible, advance warning will be given.

Get Help

Questions about this topic? Don't see what you're looking for?

Email engrit-help [at] illinois [dot] edu, call the Help Desk at 217-333-1313, or contact your primary IT support professional.