Remote Connections

All EWS policies apply to remote desktop users. Additionally:

  • Idle sessions will be automatically disconnected
  • All users may be logged off automatically at 5:00am for maintenance.
  • Connecting to multiple Windows sessions and multiple Linux graphic sessions is not recommended.

There are many different ways to connect remotely with EWS machines. Read the descriptions below to find out which option is best for you.

Accessing Windows Applications with Citrix

Citrix is a remote client that lets you to use Windows applications from many devices without needing to install the application. The applications run on EWS servers, and all the graphics rendering is done on the server. Citrix offers the ability to open files that are in your EWS home directory, as well as files that are on the machine you are connecting from.

Connecting to Windows Graphically with Windows Remote Desktop

EWS currently offers two Windows Remote Desktop options. 24x7 Remote Desktop access is available by connecting to the Windows terminal servers graphically at , following the instructions on the graphical connection section. Please note that only applications that function properly in a terminal service environment are installed on the terminal servers. Thus, applications that are graphic intense or utilize 3D rendering are not available.Microsoft Office applications are not available remotely due to limitations of the campus Microsoft License A greement. 

Accessing the Graphical Linux Desktop with FastX

FastX allows you to connect via ssh to your EWS linux desktop, and open a graphical desktop such as GNOME.

FastX is currently available for connection on the EWS dedicated remote Linux servers ( ).

Using Linux Apps Remotely with X-Forwarding

"X" is a window system (often referred to as the X Window System), which is used on many Linux machines. Under this system, it is possible to easily run programs remotely and make them appear as if they were run on the local machine.

Accessing the Linux Terminals Remotely with SSH

The College of Engineering and the Engineering Workstations Labs (EWS) are committed to providing a secure computing environment. To achieve this goal EWS has disabled any protocols that transmit clear text passwords. EWS users should use SSH and/or SFTP clients to connect to

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