About Us

Engineering IT Shared Services is the primary IT services provider for Engineering at Illinois. Its mission is to ensure that all faculty, students and staff in the College have easy and well supported access to the information and educational technology services they require.

Engineering IT officially began July 1, 2010, when the eight departmental IT groups within the College were merged into one organization. Engineering at Illinois and its units have always been fortunate to have a large number of dedicated and talented IT staff. The formerly separate IT groups provided excellent service to the units each served. Engineering IT builds on the individual strengths and accomplishments of each of these groups.

A key guiding principle for Engineering IT is maintaining close working relationships with the user community. Engineering IT has approximately 50 staff members who are geographically distributed throughout the College in an effort to serve effectively and efficiently. It is a goal of Engineering IT that everyone know their front-line support people.

Engineering IT is organized as a Shared Services organization. Shared Services is a blend of centralization and decentralization that aims to provide the best of both worlds (e.g., economies of scale from centralization and customer focused from decentralization). There are six pillars for the Shared Services model:

  • Products and Services (service catalog)
  • Activity Based Costing (detailed per-service costing)
  • Chargeback and Billing
  • Service Level Agreements (documentation on what is provided with each service)
  • Performance Management and Reporting (documentation that each service is being delivered as promised)
  • Customer Relationship Management (being relationship driven)

A governance structure sits over these pillars and is composed of representatives from the users of the Engineering IT services. Governance is responsible for determining what services Engineering IT needs to provide and for holding Engineering IT accountable for its performance in delivering those services. Engineering IT is responsible for implementing business processes, technology, and an organizational structure and culture that provides the set of services its users need — and does so consistently with a high level of quality.