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A short-term guest account allows you to have network and/or computer lab access while you are visiting campus for a short period of time, typically less than a week. The person or department sponsoring your visit can create one or more short-term guest accounts for you. Short-term guest accounts usually last for three days, but the account can be adjusted to match the length of your stay.

Available To

Any student, staff, or faculty member at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign can create two short-term accounts for three days. Authorized guest account registrars can create more accounts for different durations. If you are attending a campus conference, your conference organizer will be responsible for creating and distributing guest accounts that are valid for the duration of your conference.

Your guest account name will resemble vpnguest1#. Your password will be automatically generated by the UIUCnet QuickConnect and VPN Guest Accounts web interface. If you lose or forget your password, ask the person who created your account to log in to the web interface and generate a new password for you.


Sponsoring individuals or departments can create a short-term network guest account for you.

Once your short-term network guest account has been created, the sponsor of your visit will provide you with the information you need to log in.

Short-term network guest accounts allow access to the following campus network services:

UIUCnet QuickConnect
QuickConnect is a simple, browser-based method of connecting to the campus network through either the UIUCnet Wireless or Walkup service. To begin using QuickConnect, open a browser window, enter an http:// address (for example: ), and provide your login name and password when prompted.

UIUCnet Wireless and IllinoisNet Wireless
UIUCnet Wireless is the campuswide wireless network. IllinoisNet Wireless is the encryption-secured version of UIUCnet Wireless. Many locations around campus already provide UIUCnet Wireless and IllinoisNet Wireless access, and more are being installed every month.

If you have a laptop with an Ethernet adapter card, several campus buildings offer Ethernet-based network connections. You can use UIUCnet QuickConnect to log in to these locations as well.

Campus Virtual Private Network (VPN)
If you are working off campus and need a secure connection to the campus network, you can use the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) system to connect.

Short-term computer lab access

In addition to the services described above, if you would like to use the campus computer lab facilities, your sponsoring department can arrange for you to receive a lab guest account in several campus computer labs.

Instructional Computing Services (ICS) labs
Sponsoring departments can email cites-ics [at] illinois [dot] edu">cites-ics [at] illinois [dot] edu or contact ICS to request a short-term ICS Lab guest account.

The CITES Instructional Computing Services (ICS) labs are available in several locations around campus, and lab guest accounts can be arranged through the department that is sponsoring your visit.

Departmental computer labs
Sponsoring departments should contact the department's Active Directory administrator to request a short-term Active Directory account.

Your sponsoring department may offer departmental computer labs. Check with the staff at the lab you would like to use in order to determine the lab's guest use options. Sponsoring departments whose computer labs use Active Directory for authentication can arrange for you to have short-term Active Directory accounts that will allow you access to the department's labs.

Short-term application access

Illinois Compass
Sponsoring departments can request the creation of an account for Illinois Compass access.

If you are taking a class that uses Illinois Compass, you may need access to the Illinois Compass online courseware service during your time on campus.

A guest account may be disabled if your guest's computer is infected with a virus or if he/she is found to be violating the Campus Acceptable Use Policy or Terms of Use .


This service is free of charge.

Getting Started

Log into your UIUC account and visit this page in order to create a guest account.


You should contact the individual who gave you your guest account. He or she can log in to the guest account web interface to check to see if your login has expired or been disabled.

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