Permanent IT Governance for Engineering IT and Engineering at Illinois was first established in early 2012.  The original structure was used in AY2011-12 through AY2013-2014 before being revamped in AY2014-15.  The new structure is being continued through AY2015-2016.

An Executive Advisory Committee now coordinates the work of three focused working groups in the areas of Research, Education, and Administration.  The Research and Education working groups are primarily strategic in nature, comprised of faculty charged with feedback and guidance on the evolving IT support needed by these mission activities.  The Administrative working group is primarily tactical, focused on topics such as the Engineering IT funding model, application development, and service quality assessment.  The three working group chairs are members of the Executive Advisory Committee.  The Executive Advisory Committeee reports directly to Dean Andreas Cangellaris.

For more information, please see the following:

  • Committee Members - A list of those in the College who have been charged with guiding Engineering IT Shared Services.
  • Committee Minutes - Details on discussions held by the College of Engineering IT Governance Committee.