The Engineering IT Shared Services Governance Committee was established in early 2012 to create permanent governance structure for Engineering IT Shared Services. Each of the units represented in the Engineering IT funding model (a total of 18 for Fiscal Year 2014) has one representative on this committee, and was appointed by the unit head.

In his charge letter for AY2013-2014 to the committee members, Dean Andreas Cangellaris notes the importance of the committee's work, stating that the group "is critical to the healthy functioning of Engineering IT Shared Services as we strive to continually improve IT services across the college and keep costs manageable."  For AY2013-2014 the Committee also has the important task of providing oversight of an external review that is going to be conducted of Engineering IT Shared Services.

For more information, please see the following:

  • Governance Model - More information on how the commitee was created, its purpose and goals.
  • Committee Members - A list of those in the College who have been charged with guiding Engineering IT Shared Services.
  • Committee Minutes - Details on discussions held by the College of Engineering IT Governance Committee.

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